Spiritual Wellness

The Path to Wellness is plastered with many good Diets!

Finding the right ‘Nutrition for your Mission’ is more then a physical quest and I love to refer to d’Adamos books Eat Right for your Type because they talk not only about the fact that “you are what you eat but also that you eat what you are!

 ‘Nutrition for your Mission’ is key to Spiritual WELLness and prescribed in detail in most scriptures, guiding the adept on their path.

Here for example are the eight most fundamental concepts concerning the diet that Jesus and his followers adhered to in the The Essene Gospel of Peace

1)  Most diseases and pains can be removed by prayer & fasting.
2)  Don’t kill, or eat flesh of dead animals.
3)  Don’t cook.  (Eat raw food).
4)  Never eat unto fullness.   Eat less always by a third.
5)  Eat only 1 to 2 pounds of food a day.
6)  Eat only 1 or 2 times a day.
7)  Always be satisfied with 2 or 3 sorts of food.      

8) Fast at least one day out of the week.

There has been some controversy about the diet of Buddha, if he ate meat or if he was strictly vegetarian. The first precepts states no killing or causing to kill living beings, but at the same time, monastics are expected to take what is offered them, living by the Threefold Rule : According to one passage in the Tipitaka, the Buddha allowed eating meat for monks, if it was clear that they didn’t kill the animal on purpose to provide the meal.


Followers of Buddha were also taught to apply “Skillful Means” (upàya kusala) the willingness to adapt to the interests, needs and level of understanding of others in order to be able to successfully communicate the Dhamma to them. When the Buddha began teaching, the majority of people may not have had vegetarian food to offer the monks and nuns who were required to accept what they were given.

 The oldest spiritual wellness books known to man are the Vedic Scriptures and the do talk about food as medicine. I just bought The Ayurvedic Cookbook to help me out of my warm bed and into my cool morning meditations: Constitutionally, I am a “Vata-Type” that needs warming foods and the recipes work great!

In Judaism Food is the Way of the Faith to the Heart and the Love of Food is the Love of GOD. In the Kabalah GOD has 72 names to love. Thats a lot of Food and one of my favorite spiritual nourishments is the book of  The 72 Names of GOD
Although the Law of Kashrut has turned people away because they are non-negotiable in conservative Judaism and the reasons for the Food-Believes in many religions may have been lost in the commands of the faith, we can analyze them from the view point of economic sustainability, general hygiene and digestibility. They make enough sense to me to consider it 

Nutrition for a Mission

Your whole mind and body have been tied
To the foot of the Divine Elephant
With a thousand golden chains.

Now, begin to rain intelligence and compassion
Upon all your tender, wounded cells
And realize the profound absurdity
Of thinking

That you can ever go Anywhere
or do Anything

Without God’s will.

Hafiz (Persian Sufi Master 1320-1389)

In my search for more Nutrion for my Mission I found a heavenly place right near me, in Saratoga: The IAM Ministries.  This is a beautiful sacred space dedicated to nourish spiritually oriented wellness practitioners so they can be more effecitive in their service! Thank you Suzanna Cody for opening your beautiful villa to all of us and demonstrating my Blog Concept in Real Time! You are a woman of my heart and spirit and I AM looking forward very much to working together, as an IAM being WELL…

IAM Ministries of Saratoga CA is an open community of spiritually oriented practitioners dedicated to wellness, spirituality and service. It is not an evangelical church or religious order, nor is membership required to participate. All events and classes are open to the public. Please feel free to check out their blog at http://iamministries.blogspot.com/

Be and Be WELL and its Blog sites are designed to create a collective wisdom pool, sourcing ancient and futuristic attempts of hue-men and womb-men to be well, to stay well and to get others well. It is a standing invitation to add YOUR WELLness eXperience (Click for Disclaimer)

Please choose your words WELL and let them be an invocation for evolutionary WELLness Ideas in your life and the lives of those who inspire you!

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  1. suzanna cody says:

    Thank you Shanti and Jai for your friendship and devotion to the principles and practices of wellness, spirituality and service. Much work to be done TOGETHER – one breath – one light!
    love you. S

  2. J & Shanti says:

    Its a deLight working with you! Thank you for being you!
    OM Shanti

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