Wellness Immersive Training for Coaching

LifeStyle Coaching

Do you want to get away from the cold and same, same old and get some new eye openers on the sunny side up?

Develop a new carrier as Intuition~Coach or Flotation~Guide!

Discover a new YOU in one of the most conducive environments for regeneration and creativity at our Flotation Center near Santa Cruz!

Be and Be WELL with Shanti and Jai

Do you want to learn more about:

Better Communication Skills for interpersonal relationships and conflict resolution (bilingual English/German);

Intuition~Coaching for individuals, couples and groups with full spectrum wellness of body, mind and soul;

Weight Management and Cleansing Programs for different body types, with nutrition for you mission;

Flotation Guide Training with R.E.S.T. (Reduced Environmental Stress Tank)

Floga Meditation in Flotation for pain management and healing of body~mind and soul

Stress Management Expertise for individuals, support groups and various work-environments;

Vision Team Building for leadership skills and greater sustainability of projects and companies;

Community Building with tools that use Synchronicity, Synergy, Creativity, and Intuition.

Pick your topic or choose them all:

Jai and Shanti Hudes are Wellness & Flotation Center veterans of 30 years. They won and lost many good battles in the human evolution arena. And they are happy to share their tools and insights, offering a personalized immersive wellness study.

Partial work~study exchange at www.BeandBeWELL.com:

15 hrs/week hands~on and 15 hrs theory with topics of your choice for one to four students at a time (couples are WELLcome!) Training schedule can be spread out over the week or consolidated for the weekend depending on your study plans and your absorption capacity for this growth intensive.

One week training w/community meals and in-house bedroom: $888.- (2 pers. $1332.-)

…”…”………”……………”………………..”…. private studio apartment: $1080.- (2 pers. $1620-)

…”…”………”……………”……………….”…. economy camper/BM-Bus:  $588.- (2 pers. $880.-)

One month training w/community meals or 31 Day Gentle Cleanse: Pay for 3 weeks and get the 4th for FREE :-)

Call Shanti at 408-691-7188 for information and inner-view

For the Love of Life – a 40 Day gentle Cleanse

Discover Ionizing Detox Footbaths

Don’t wait until it’s too late

The “Be and Be WELL” Flotation Center would like to CELliberate your well-being …. with a 40 Day Cleansing on all levels! Radiant health and well-being is a marvelous process that we love to share with you!

Step up to co-create a life of your dreams!

– The 40 Day in-Home Cleanse is $449 if you sign up before 04.04 2013….the lowest ever, that it will be offered.

The Wellness Weekend Immersive at the Be and Be WELL is customized to your needs with a sliding scale for your Lifestyle Transformation Tools

– The first consultation with the Metabolic WELLness Wheel, Foot Detox Assessment and Reflexology is $ 95 or FREE if you sign up!

– A Discount of 20% off ALL WELLness Services at the Be and Be WELL is being offered to your family or friends as WELL if you bring them with you!

For information call Shanti at 408-691-7188

WELLcome to the Be and Be WELL!

Wondrous wanderer of the internet, are you seeking for that magic sauce to up your life on all levels? 

We got it!

You can float in it!

It’s 1000 lbs of Epsom salt saturated water in a Sensory Isolation Tank with zero gravity and no limits to reboot your mind & body… it is the magic sauce that boosts the effectiveness of all tools of transformation in the WELL!

What do you want from life?

We can help you to set your intention and get to your manifestation, coaching you one float at a time, if you choose! 

We are here to inspire and demonstrate healthy relationships on personal, interpersonal and global levels

~ Flotation in the Sensory Deprivation Tank with saturated Epsom salt solution
~ Sensory eXaltation in the Dry-Float Tank with Light & Sound Brainwave Therapy  and ‘Tandem for Two’ discounts (Sensory Deprivation & eXaltation Combo for couples and friends)
~ Far Infra Red Sauna and ionizing Foot Detox with Reflexology

~ Holy Day Package Special for 4 hour celestial combo of Flotation, Sensory eXaltation, FAR infra red Sauna, Ionizing Foot Detox & Reflexology
~ Wholistic Wellness Coaching 

Biodynamic BodyWork & Massage 
~ Life Coaching Training

Couple Resonance Sessions

~ Float and Be Well Weekends  and 40 Day Renewal with Vision & Manifestation Quest


We have something for every body who is looking for a WELL of wonderful wellness tools!


Google Map: 301 Kessler Drive, Ben Lomond CA 95005

Opening Hours: 9am to 9pm, 7 Days

By appointment only, please call Shanti at 408-691-7188

More Information: beandbewell@gmail.com

Giftcertificates: Click Here

Looking forward to see you in Inner Space!

WELLness Weekend Package

This is a house like any other house…

… it looks like any other house, but the “Be and Be WELL” is dedicated to Transformation for over a quarter century… We have become a magnet for people who are going through Rites of Passage:

If this is a good time for you to do just that, you are WELLcome here for  The “WELLness Weekend Package” with an overnight stay at our ‘Flotation B&B’  , including one hour of each of these services: 

– FAR Infra Red Sauna Cleanse, 

– Ionizing Foot-Detox Bath with Reflexology, 

– LifeStyle Coaching with the Metabolic WELLness Wheel, 

– Sensory I-Soulation in the Flotation Tank, 

– Sensory Xaltation in the Sacred Space Pod with Light & Sound Therapy 

The Price for the WELLness Weekend Package is all inclusive $488 for One and $780 for Two Guests)

Here is a little more about the his & herstory of your hosts, the Jai & Shanti Team:

Jai and Shanti on the Sunny Side Up

…bringing people together…

Jai  and I are the happy husband & wife team taking care of this beautiful property so people can come here to relax, reboot and rediscover their creativity to bring it back into their world. We offer transformational tools for self reflection and self expression; “Relaxation Intensives”, that gently reboot the brain with mind state enhancers for clients with little time and lots of stress.

 Our main peace-offering is Flotation Therapy, also called R.E.S.T. or Reduced Environmental Stress Therapy: With the body floating weightlessly and free of sound and light,  90% of the brain, usually preoccupied with a bombardment of outside stimuli,  becomes available for higher functions.

People emerge from flotation with greater receptivity and enhanced creativity. Often, they are ready to play in The GAME that is a mirror reflection of life. Our goal is the expression of the whole self in its highest potential.

…on The Path two gather…

It is over 30 years ago now  that Jai and I met in a flotation-wellness center in London. Our destiny brought us together to receive a vision of a futuristic game that was to become a teaching tool for loving communication, bringing people together on deeper levels of connection: www.XtheGAME.com.  

Now we offer wellness coaching sessions, vision team building, all night vision&manifestation quests and Rites of Passage at the Be and Be WELL, combined with other healing modalities and body-work. People can also stay for B&B weekend retreats.

Jai & Shanti in the GAME

The GAME goes anywhere with board and cards or mobile application on the I-phone and it found a beautiful place in Sacred Spaces at Burning Man where people enjoyed playing it day and night. Our next goal was to feature the first flotation tank on the Playa….

….but we didn’t see ourselves traveling with an 800 pound salt solution, so we needed to create a tank environment that would induce similar effects on the brain. So we came up with the idea of the “Sensory Exaltation Tank”, or S.E.T: A flotation simulator that will reset the brain and SET your mind free with Light and Sound Brainwave Optimizer, Oxygen-Tank and Aroma Therapy Mister.  


The Creation Process

Who would have thought that this old flotation tank that was lying around, waiting to become land fill could be converted it into a “Sacred Space Pod” for Sacred Space Camp at Burning Man 2011 – ‘Rites of Passage’…

It was one of the “coolest” attractions there with its cooling system for those who found their way to our dome. And the coolest thing is that “All Pods lead to hOMe in the end…and Sacred Spaces lives on in the TimeCapsule Dome of the Be and Be WELL


Will Northcutt painting the Space Pod

Here is the Pod in the making, in its simplest interpretation just a physical device, to chill out and relax, a place to meditate and to calm your mind. But we wanted it also to be a portal that is inviting us on a journey to true metaphysical transformation. So we looked around for a long time to find the right artist who would be able to give our old tank a true renaissance, rendering it into a piece of living art, deserving of the name Sacred Space Pod.” After a slew of trials and errors, we found the artist in a gifted, local trompt’oeil mural painter Will Northcutt. He is adorning the entrance to this transformational vehicle with an interpretation of Da Vinci’s Vetruvian Being (Vetruvian Man-Image) as an ode to sacred geometry and the divinity in nature. The archetypal imagery invites us to connect with the beauty and harmony within our selves, in love and appreciation of creation as a whole. 


” The Vetruvian Being 2011©” conceived by Jai Hudes,

 Graphics by Dana Hunt, Design by Will Northcutt


a Sensory eXaltation

Sacred Space Pod

7 Theories of Floating Therapy

Excerpt from The Book of Floating by Michael Hutchinson:

Seven Theories of Floatation Therapy

1. The Antigravity Explanation:

The buoyancy afforded by the dense Epsom salt solution eliminates the body’s specific gravity, bringing the floater close to an experience of total weightlessness. Gravity, which has been estimated to occupy 90 percent of all central nervous system activity, is probably the single largest cause of human health problems – the bad backs, sagging abdomens, aching feet, painful joints, and muscular tension that result from our unique but unnatural upright posture. This theory asserts that, by freeing our brain and skeletal system from gravity, floating liberates vast amounts of energies and large areas of the brain to deal with matter of mind, spirit, and enhanced awareness of internal states.

2. The Brainwave Explanation:

More interesting than the well known alpha waves generated by the brain in moments of relaxation, are the slower theta waves, which are accompanied by vivid memories, free association, sudden insights, creative inspiration, feeling of serenity and oneness with the universe. It is a mysterious, elusive state, potentially highly productive and enlightening; but experimenters have had a difficult time studying it, and it is hard to maintain, since people tend to fall asleep once they begin generate theta waves. One way of learning to produce theta waves is to perfect the art of meditation. A study of Zen monks conducted by Akira Kazamatsu and Tomio Hirai, in which the monks’ brain-waves were charted as they entered the meditative states, indicated that the four meditative plateaus (from alpha to the more sublime theta) “were parallel to the disciples’ mental states, and their years spent in Zen training.” Those monks with over twenty years of meditative experience generated the greatest amount of theta, the monks were not asleep but mentally alert. However, since many of us are unwilling to spend twenty years of mediation to learn to generate theta waves, it’s helpful to know that several recent studies (at Texas A&M and the University at Colorado) have shown that floating increases production of theta waves. Floaters quickly enter the theta state while remaining awake, consciously aware of all the vivid imagery and creative thoughts that pass through their minds, and after getting out of the floatation environment, floaters continue to generate larger amounts of creativity-promoting theta waves for up to three weeks.

3. The Left-Brain Right Brain Explanation:

The two hemispheres or the neocortex operate in fundamentally different modes. The left hemisphere excels at detail, processing information that is small-scale, requiring fine resolution: it operates analytically, by splitting or dissection. The right hemisphere on the other hand, is good at putting all the pieces together. It operates by pattern recognition – visually, intuitively rapidly absorbing large scale information. Just as in the sunshine of a bright day it is impossible to see the stars, so are the subtle contents of the right hemisphere usually drowned out by the noisy chattering of the dominant verbal/analytical left brain, whose qualities are the more cultivated and valued in our culture. But recent research indicates that floating increases right-brain (or minor hemisphere) function. Floating turns off the external stimuli, plunges us into literal and figurative darkness – then suddenly the entire universe of stars and galaxies is spread out before our eyes. Or as brain researcher Dr. Thomas Budzynski of the University of Colorado put it, “In a floatation environment, the right hemisphere comes out and says, “Whoopee”.

4. The Three Brain Explanation:

In a series of seminal studies produced over the last twenty-five years, Paul MacLean, chief brain researcher at the National Institute for Mental Health (US), has produced convincing evidence that the human brain has three separate physiological layers, each corresponding to a stage in our evolutionary history. In this “Triune Brain Theory,” the most ancient layer is called the reptile brain, and it controls basic self-preservative, reproductive and life sustaining functions. Sitting atop the reptile, brain is the iambic system, which MacLean had dubbed the visceral brain, because generates all our emotions. The most recent part of the brain to develop is the “thinking cap” of convoluted gray matter called neocortex, seat of our abstract, cognitive functions; memory, intellect, language, and consciousness. While many of these three separate brains have overlapping functions they are all quite different in chemistry, structure, action, and style. Three brains should be better than one, but unfortunately, due to a ruinous design error, there is insufficient communication and coordination between the neocortex and the two older levels. This lack of communication results in a chronic dissociation between the higher and lower brains, which MacLean calls schizaphysiology, and which we experience in the form of conflicting drives – unconscious and conscious, savage and civilized, lusty and loving, ritualistic and symbolic, rational and verbal. There are times when the levels do act in harmony, as in peak experiences when body and mind unite in exhilarating moments of vitality, when our actions come effortlessly, spontaneously. But it’s hard to predict when these perfect moments will occur. Now there is evidence that suggests that, due to heightened internal awareness and decreased physical arousal, floating increases the vertical organization of the brain, enhancing communication and harmony between the separate levels. Floating, it has been hypothesized, can provide us with peak experiences almost at will.

5. The Neurochemical Explanation:

Neurochemists have recently discovered the brain is an endocrine organ that secretes numerous neurochemicals which influence our behavior. Our brains secrete hormones that make us happy, anxious, depressed, shy, sleepy, sexy. Each of us creates different amounts of these various neurochemicals, and those who create, for example, more endorphins – natural opiates – experience more pleasure as a result of a given experience than those who create fewer endorphins. Tests indicate that floating increased the secretion of endorphins at the same time as it reduces the levels of a number of stress-related neurochemicals, such as adrenaline, nordpinephrine, ACTH, and cortisol – substances that can cause tension, anxiety, irritability, and are related to ailments such as heart disease, hypertension and high levels of cholesterol. One other neurochemical theory is the “return of the womb” explanation. Since pregnant women produce up to eight times the normal endorphin levels, the foetus experiences true prenatal bliss. When a floater is suspended in the dense, warm solution, enclosed in darkness, body pulsing rhythmically and brain pumping out endorphins, it’s possible that subconscious memories are stirred and profoundly deep associations called up. It is no coincidence that at least one commercial float centre is named “The Womb Room.”

6. The Biofeedback Explanation

Biofeedback research (including Johns Hopkins researcher John Basmajian’s conclusive study of subjectsconsciously firing off single motor-unit neurons), we now know that humans can learn to exercise conscious control over virtually every cell in their bodies. Processes long thought to be involuntary, such as the rhythm and amplitude of our brain waves, healing, blood pressure, the rate or force of heart contractions, respiratory rate, smooth-muscle tension, and the secretion of hormones and neurotransmitters are now thought to be controllable. The way biofeedback machines work is by enhancing concentration, by focusing on a single, subtle change in the body, which is being amplified by the machine, we are able to shut off our awareness of the external environment. This shutting-off of external stimuli is exactly what the floatation environment does best – almost as if in an “organic” biofeedback machine, in the tank every physical sensation is magnified, and because there is no possibility of outside distraction, we are able to relax deeply and focus at will upon any part or system of the body.

7. The Homeostasis Explanation:

Homeostasis is an exquisitely sensitive self-monitoring and self-regulating system that is constantly working to maintain the body in homeostasis – an optimal state of balance, harmony, equilibrium and stability. Considered in these terms, we can define stress as a disruption of our internal equilibrium, a disturbance of our natural homeostasis. Research now indicates that many of floating’s most powerful effects come from its tendency to return the body to a state of homeostasis. When we view the mind and body as a single system, it becomes clear that external stimuli are constantly militating against the system’s equilibrium, every noise, every degree of temperature above or below the body’s optimal level, every encounter with other people, everything we see and feel can disrupt our homeostasis. But when we enter the tank, we abruptly stop making constant adjustments to outer stimuli. Since there are no external threats, no pressures to adapt to outside events, the system can devote all its energies to restoring itself. The normal state, of course, is health, vigor, enthusiasm, and immense pleasure in being alive.

Flotation and the Nature of Change


Excerpts from the Article “Flotation and the Nature of Change” by Walter E. Jessen Ph.D. and Psychotherapist

Enhancement of Intentionality

Third, floaters frequently enter the tank with an intention – a problem they need to solve or decision that needs to be made.

Of course it tends to be the case that the clearer the formulation, the more obvious the solution that is created.  For instance, well framed questions tend to attract information both relevant and apparently irrelevant that challenges and sometimes bombards the floater’s consciousness.  Memories, thoughts and images are magnetically drawn to the issue, pushing the person not only to re-experience and re-think the problem, but also to become open to unusual solutions that he would normally be less likely to think about.  This experience harkens back to Jung’s (1936) notion of “complexes” – a nucleus that attracts a constellation of feelings, thoughts, perceptions and memories.  On less well formulated instructions the floater becomes more easily distracted and concurrently may notice changes in attitude, sensation and feelings that may be the precursors to behavioral change.

Be and Be WELL with ‘Occupation World Street’

 eXperience The GAME, a consciousness raising communication tool that brings people together on deeper levels of connection. Jai and I created it for this time of change when good communication is of utter importance to our collaboration as individuals, as a family, as a circle of friends and as transformation agents in a world wide movement for a better distribution of global wealth and prosperity for all.

Lets not stop with ‘Occupy Wall Street!’ Lets continue to make this a Global Evolution as our “Occupation World Street!”

Be all you can be! Be WELL and create a WELL for all by bringing you vision team together to build a better future now.

What can you do to contribute to the ‘Occupy Movement’  in your own way? Jai and I are offering our coaching services with The GAME  for free to all of you who would like to bring players together to step up on the stage of transformation. Please click here at eXperience The GAME to find out how The GAME brings a vision team together to create a WIN/WIN for ALL!

My Mother – the WELLwoman

Prost to 94 years on this Earth

prosit to a all WELL women

loving, caring and kind

comfortable in our shoes

we are heading for the Island AU

a great place to eat

walk on the path

…and be merry!

Happy Birthday to you!

Every dark cloud in the sky

has a Butterfly Lining for HeidiMa

My Mother – The Traveler

She loves to be transported


collecting view points


new sou-l-venirs


She is a 'Romantica'

almost blind in her eyes


she sees with her heart


the web of life the spider sees

going up, way up high


on Mount Generoso


she loves the wide open view

flying high as a kite


going down deep


tunnel vision is for the old

she is young at heart


my generous travel agent


she changes tracks of thought

like changing trains


going down, coming up


she loves the movement


for the life of it!


Emmanuel Kelly: