Staying in the Flow

The amount of water in the human body ranges from 50-75% depending on age, gender and fitness level with the average adult being in the 57-60 percentile. In any case, we are more fluid then we think, even in times  when we struggle to stay “a float….”

Go within and “flowcus” on the word “fluidity” when you find yourself stressed out. Within a few minutes your body-mind state will change and release more energy for you to do what you need to accomplish.

Replace words in your daily vocabulary that are detrimental to your energy flow with “positive energy activators”

  • …”making a deadline” with “meeting your lifeline”
  • …”staying on the cutting edge” with “finding new ways”
  • “having to make a living” with “living your life fully”
  • …”surviving in a shark eat shark world” with “swimming with dolphins” etc.

Watch how “staying in flow” recomputes your realITy!

Water Womans Year of the Water Snake

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