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Dedicated to raising Social Intelligence, then and now...

This first page of the Social Wellness blog is dedicated to my inspiring friend and husband Jai who’s soul purpose is the development and distribution of a communication tool that anchors higher consciousness. His goal is to raise the IQ of our social networks to ‘SOULcial’ intelligence so we are better equipped to communicate as global citizens, crossing the divide of racial and tribal differences with community building interplays that create Win/Win situations for all. Wanna play as a Global Citizen?

What’s  “Social Intelligence” ?

“In defining social intelligence we’re talking about a general category: The human capacity to understand what’s happening in the world and responding to that understanding in a personally and socially effective manner. We have to confine our definition of social intelligence so we’re not including within it all positive human attributes, making it a kind of definitional panacea. And our definition of social intelligence has to include such a person as Socrates, a man who ended his life as a condemned criminal but who achieved timeless success through passing on his understanding of what intelligence is–the recognition of one’s own ignorance and faithful dedication to one’s principles…” (Hermes Press)

How far have we evolved beyond the Social Intelligence of a Bird Brain?

…a wise owl knows when to duck….
Now, how can we evolve from the Social Intelligence of Survival to the Soulcial Intelligence of Thrival?
“The recognition of our own ignorance and faithful dedication to our own principles has led to the survival of our species within cultural conclaves like clans, tribes and countries. In order to thrive as Global Citizens we will have to do something about our ignorance in a big way. Something that would transmute our own principles in an unpredictable alchemical process called Global Consciousness. To the intelligence of our individual mind set we would have to add the collective eXperience of our souls.” (Global Community

Playing as a SOCIAL and SOULcial LEARNING TOOL

As I see it, with the eyes of a game developer, every human evolution is accompanied by games that play the new rules into people’s hearts, minds and souls until the evolution becomes a mass movement:
‘The prophets conceive the evolution and channel it to the teachers. The teachers write books about it and give them to their students. The students play with the new idea and create games for the masses because games make metamorphic fields of intuitive understanding and soul connections
  • The ancient Leila Game (predecessor to Shoots and Ladders) taught people to take the ups and downs of life in stride. Sooner or later you would have a chance at winning if you were a good sport playing along. It backed up the teachings of Fatalism and the Cast systems, for the good and the bad…
  • The medieval Chess Game (predecessor to Military Games) taught people to calculate and strategize. You had a chance at controlling your destiny if your mind was superior to your opponents mind and it didn’t bother you to have a your good soldiers and pawns killed off. It backed up the Teachings of Dualism and Feudalisme.
  • Last century’s Game of Monopoly (predecessor to Wall Street Games) was created initially by a Quaker woman to teach people how to brake out of poverty and have a chance to make somthing of themselves. But helas, she was a hundred years ahead of her time and Monopoli was snagged away from her and sold to a big gaming company that changed it to teach people capitalism. You had a chance to win one over the other players if you were good at snagging things away from them, cheating for good reasons. It backed up the era of Materialism and Individualization.
  • This century’s Social Networking Games (predecessor to Globalization Games) teach people their interconnectedness in the great web of life. Jai and I started to create our Game almost 30 years ago to be ready for this time when our chance to win in the global picture only comes with creating win/win situations for all players. The GAME is backing up the planetary prophecies and teachings of collaborative inter-action within the human species because it is time for our evolution from bird brain to human brain. Wanna play?

This blog site is designed to create a collective wisdom pool, sourcing ancient and futuristic attempts of hue-men and womb-men to be well, to stay well and to get others well. It is a standing invitation to add YOUR WELLness eXperience (Click for Disclaimer)!

Please choose your words WELL and let them be an invocation for evolutionary WELLness Ideas in your life and the lives of those who inspire you!

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  1. Shanti says:

    Today I stumbled upon a few social responses to the events of late:
    The quote “Im mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore” from “Network”(1976). Wish they would play it on Television now, people would be mad as hell for sure!
    But then again, there is always hope with the Kids on Youtube:
    And Now Again:

    And this is what happens when the mob raises up from the couch for a cause: This time to raise awareness for the sustainable reconstruction of Haiti:

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