Physical Wellness

This blog page is dedicated to our beautiful planet and water that makes all the good stuff I am eating for my physical wellness so yummy, fresh and green: Our Physical WELLbeing, and that of our planet literally depends on our Water WELLs!

Ponder this:

Every drop of water you drink has been recycled through the planet and all it’s inhabitants a trillion time or more!

According to Dr. Masaru Emoto and other scientist,  water holds memory:

The Green Pond in the Japanese Garden of Golden Gate Park

Imagine what happens if you drink every glass of water while holding a good thought for all inhabitants of the planet, feeling your loving connection!

Now for the fun part:

90% of our Physical WELLness depends on the water we drink, yes? So we are told to drink a lot of water, yes?

WELL: Look again, please and watch this video first to see wether water is right for you:

….Some people just love to talk about what their doctors said and sometimes that is not for the faint at heart! Some of you might even think that this video is exhibiting  crude humor. It does, indeed!

Physical Wellness at its lower frequencies of survival is crude and much of today’s health care deals with the lower levels: Disease Management! We do need to keep our humor in order to deal with the never ending list of illnesses that might attack us in the battle of HUMEN versus VIBAFUMO (Virus, Bacteria, Fungus and Mold) that mostly ends with fear of the big C (Cancer)! The question here is not Shakespearean any longer and hast lost its profound dialogue of “To Be or Not to Be” to the profane diagnoses of “Cancer or No Cancer”. When the answer is “No Cancer”, most of my client’s wellness plans go back to sleep until they wake up to the next battle cry.

WELL, let’s go all the way here for a few minutes, down to the basement of health care where most people are afraid to go: Let’s talk about the big C that more often then not begins with the other C, the more overlooked and introverted twin Colon: Yes, most diseases start in the Colon. Why? Because it is prime tropical beach front property for big C’s troops, the VIBAFUMO! That’s were they go for R&R and to make babies. Lots of them! Because they too want to guarantee the survival of their species! And then they go on Raids, attacking our Immune System Troops until our good guys are too weak to battle the big C.

Let’s go down there and take a good look at the bottom line of Physical WELLness. It is in the very bottom, so don’t get grossed out, please, because there is some really good info to be found there.

What this guy here found is that the beginning of good health lies in the colon more often then we think. And that keeping it up with good water and healthy food is key:

…This video is not for the faint at heart either, but as I said, it’s good to know your bottom line!

Be and Be WELL and it’s Blog sites are designed to create a collective wisdom pool, sourcing ancient and futuristic attempts of hue-men and womb-men to be well, to stay well and to get others well. It is a standing invitation to add YOUR WELLness eXperience (Click for Disclaimer)!

Please choose your words WELL and let them be an invocation for evolutionary WELLness Ideas in your life and the lives of those who inspire you!

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