Mental Wellness

Have you ever lost your mental wellness in the labyrinth of an automated customer service? Get it back at and get some real HUMAN ADVICE!

For REAL Human Advice!

Or you can try to get mental health with “Laughter Therapy like a Brazilian Health Center does, treating patients who are suffering from depression and stress with a good laugh.  As Dr Jaqueline Sales says: “Laugh can help in the treatment of various conditions, especially those connected to depression, anxiety, hypertension and diabetes. It reduces levels of cortisol, the stress hormone that’s tied to several health problems, including deposition of fat in the abdominal area, the most dangerous place for it. Laughter can ease anxiety disorders, while the breast milk of mothers who laugh hard contains higher levels of melatonin, which can reduce the chances of eczema in newborns. Laughter may also mitigate the damaging effects of inflammation, a process linked to heart attacks, arthritis, allergies and other conditions. The progress of diabetic kidney disease may be stymied by laughter, and laughter is linked to better respiratory function in those with chronic lung disease. Best of all, you burn more calories when you laugh. Laughter blunts stress and pain; hearty chuckling increases levels of the “happy” brain chemicals known as endorphins…

Now, if your head is still spinning with mental stress over the state of this world, you are in good company: Just look at Jai’s head here! He manifested himself a Magi to take care of the affairs!

Your Mind is a Magic Portal that can Heal

Your Mind can Heal you!

It’s full of magic portals that link into a WELL of information just like this blog!

Just click on the words that are highlighted in color and off you go, down the rabbit hole… aah you found Arlene Arnold with
ColorCards : Inner Guidance Made Simple through the Vibration of Color

Or let our friend Swami Beyondananda save the world, he has set his mind on it:

Be and Be WELL and its Blog sites are designed to create a collective wisdom pool, sourcing ancient and futuristic attempts of hue-men and womb-men to be well, to stay well and to get others well. It is a standing invitation for you to add YOUR WELLness eXperience (Click for Disclaimer)

Please choose your words WELL and let them be an invocation for evolutionary WELLness Ideas in your life and the lives of those who inspire you!

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