Emotional Wellness

Rendering the Ouch of Thorns into the Awe of Poetry

The first page of this blog is dedicated to all the Muses who in the midst of toils and turmoils stop us in our chaotic tracks to amuse us with a smile and a pearl from the debth of our eXperience, touching us in some magic way with compassion and understanding.  My Be and Be WELL house mate, friend and muse Lakshmi does that for me with her poetry. She puts so many of my erratic emotions into pristine poetry, allowing me to look at their mirror reflections to see them with new eyes….

And more than that, her soulful artistic help as my website designer contributed much to my Emotional (and digital) Wellness! Feel free to click on her PoeTree Blog when you have a little time, or add your own poetic mirror reflections in the comment field below. Your soulful contributions are very much appreciated by all!

This blog is full of magic portals that link into a WELL of information. Just click on the words that are highlighted in COLOR and off you go down the rabbit hole to find another treasure!

Poetry: Where Heaven and Hell walk Hand in Hand…

An Ode to the Candle Maker from the darker side, when the sun shines bleakly and the nights are long and cold:

    Food for the Soul

Tears wax dripping to the spiritual flame

Burning, burning away our shame

At the end of age, we carry along

A history of hate and wisdom’s song

Some things right, so many wrong…

But the dream of innocence is born again.

It grows in hearts prepared by pain.

We light many new candles from the old

We gather our selves back into the fold…

For within our wicked world is a wick

~A l w a y s  D a n c i n g~

To the Flame of Eternal Love…

From Lakshmi Narayan, a WELL Woman

The Be and Be WELL blog sites are designed to create a collective wisdom pool, sourcing ancient and futuristic attempts of hue-men and womb-men to be well, to stay well and to get others well. It is a standing invitation to add YOUR WELLness eXperience (Click for Disclaimer)

Please choose your words WELL and let them be an invocation for evolutionary WELLness Ideas in your life and the lives of those who inspire you!

5 Responses to “Emotional Wellness”

  1. Lakshmi says:

    I don’t like to lunge at solutions when a problem arises.
    I tease and chase the solution
    I feel that if I just leave it unformed
    or forming and just be watchful
    then there is space
    for the right solution to emerge

    Sometimes the right solution is dissolution
    Disillusion. This solution.
    This is a good kind of peeling back.
    Seeing with the eyes of truth requires
    And the willingness
    To peel back the layers of protective
    Mediocre thinking
    That has made many generations
    Into living sluggish lives.

    What poisons of compromise
    Did you swallow and stuff in?
    How many hungry ghosts live in your intestines?

    In order to stay liminal and illuminated
    One must eliminate
    Everything that does not belong
    In the Alimentary Canal.
    Elementary my dear Watson.

  2. Welcome, super, wounderful site. I am also leading one’s and I know how hard it is. Your entries are great, although not always I agree with them, but in spite of that I will visit your blog more often. I wish you the success and the perseverance in running the site, Alice

  3. Shanti says:

    “The tongue of the Invisible” Hafis the Persian Mystic greet me this morning in his book; “The Gift”, with these beautiful, true and good poems:

    When the flute is playing

    For then I see every moment emanates

    From God’s

    only possible
    if any

    While living in the suburbs of God.

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