Shanti developed this “Metabolic WELLness Wheel” for Life Mapping. It is designed to play with the potentiality that the 8 major components of our lives actually could be in balance with each other:

Living our Highest Potential would mean Feeling WELL  in our:

Family Life

Social Life

Career Life

Physical Life

Emotional Life

Mental Life

Spiritual Life

Aesthetic Life

Play with the idea that it is possible to get out of tunnel vision without getting pulled in too many different dircetions… Imagine that all these areas could actually feed each other, leaving you with enough time and space to metabolize new input and cleanse away old output, feeling whole, rather then frazzled!

 If one area is dominating too much, we run into danger of burn out and depression. If one area is under nourished, we run into addictive behaviors with a hunger for more that can not be satisfied until we satisfy the whole Metabolic WELLness !

Life Mapping is like a treasure hunt…and the treasure is you!

Click on the colored words below to get some ideas for Metabolic Wellness, from the silly to the serious. Or find WELLness components in the Navigator Bar on the right hand side.

  • Metabolic WELLness Activation: Our existence is dictated by our  metabolism and the whole range of biochemical processes that occur within us and all living organism around us. Here, it also refers to the assimilation of nourishment and conversion into building blocks in all areas of life, rendering them into dynamic  balance with each other. Please feel free to shine your light on (y)our eXperience with the interconnectedness of all things!
  • Aesthetic WELLness and SELF CARE: The ELF who CARES! We all need one, giving beauty and soul to our lives … and who is it going to be if not for our SELF? Please feel free to contribute your eXperience with SELF Care reveling (y)our soul’s beauty.
  • Family WELLness and MEDICAL HISTORY: “HIS and HER STORY!” Talking about identifying the genetic blueprint and cellular memory…  Please feel free to contribute your eXperience with the root of (y)our dis-ease.
  • Social WELLness and TRANS-FORMATION: TRANSCENDING FORM!  A requirement in a society that is moving towards globalization… Please feel free to add your eXperience in this Trans-Formation as you are daring to desire (y)our ideal society!
  • Career WELLness and daily WORKout: What does WORKING out and Sleeping in have to do with reaching your Higher Potential in  your Career? Please feel free to elaborate about y(our) eXperience with Poses for High Potency!
  • Physical WELLness at HEART CENTRAL: HEAR the ESSENTIAL! Our Loving Connection with body, mind and soul is so  much effected by our Physical Wellbeing. Please feel free to share (y)our eXperience with Life-Essentials!
  • Emotional WELLness and BEing W.E.L.L: That spellsWith Expression of Love for Life” ( W.E.L.L.) To BE or not to BE WELL is the true question in our e-motions…Please feel free to express (y)our eXperience with BEing W.E.L.L!
  • Mental WELLness and HOMEOSTASIS:  BALANCE from WITHIN! Our mind is put at ease when we remember the perfect alignment, an inner knowing that is part of our genetic blue print…Please feel free to add (y)our visualization of a perfect alignment!
  • Spiritual WELLness and NUTRITION: FUEL for your MISSION! Ancient scriptures and modern science alike are proving the evident connection between what you are and what you eat! Please feel free to blog your experience guiding (y)our Body-Mind with nutrition that is good fuel for your good mission!

The “WELLnessIDEAS”- Blog is an invitation to see wellness through different colored lenses for a change and to be open to new IDEAS:

Let us shine some light on the word “IDEA” :

The main words, εἶδος (eidos) and ἰδέα (idea)[7] come from the Indo-European root *weid-, “SEE”. Wikipedia
Dear skeptics, truths seekers and professional dismantlers alike, and especially you, my beloved enemies of anything NON-FDA approved, please remember, we are not making any claims about healing anyone here, we are just sharing our personal eXperience with “WELLnessIDEAS” in this blog!

Here is a little dissertation on the “Validity of IDEAS” from our friend Wiki:

In the objective worth of our ideas there remains the problem of the validity. As all cognition is by ideas, it is obvious that the question of the validity of our ideas in this broad sense is that of the truth of our knowledge as a whole. Otherwise to dispute this is to take up the position of skepticism. This has often been pointed out as a means of intellectual suicide. Any chain of reasoning (common sense) by which we attempt to demonstrate the falsity of our ideas has to employ the very concept of ideas itself. Then insofar as such reasoning demands assent to the conclusion, it implies belief in the validity of all the ideas employed in the premises of the argument.     

The main foundation of all idealism and skepticism is the assumption (explicit or implicit), that the mind can never know what is outside of itself. This is to say that an idea as a cognition can never go outside of itself. This can be further expressed as we can never reach to and mentally apprehend anything outside of anything of what is actually a present state of our own consciousness….
Please read our official DISCLAIMER by clicking on YOUR WELLness eXperience

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