Woman’s WELL Dates

Womans WELL 2nd picTaking a step into a new direction? You can get a great well of inFORMation & transFORMation in a New Moon Woman’s WELL:

Our next three Dates: 03.09.16 and 04.06.16 and 05.04.16

Our Time: 6.30 pm for Rainbow Potluck (bring a food in your favorite color) and 7 pm-9 pm for Play in The GAME eXperience (bring your Intention, your Journal and Dress in your favorite color)

Our Place: Be and Be WELL, 301 Kessler Drive, Ben Lomond

For more Information you can call Shanti at 408-691-7188

We are looking forward to a Rainbow Potluck of Epiphanies!

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  1. Shanti,

    I would love to attend the well date on March 9th and possibly April 6th.

    Thank you for your invitation.


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