Sauna and Cleanses

At the Be and Be Well, we offer tools for transformation, making it fun and easy to cleanse body, mind and spirit. If you are feeling a little under the weather, try our FAR Infrared Sauna-Cleanse or Ionizing Detox Foot Bath with Reflexology!

All our appointments can be made by phone or e-mail and allow for breathing room of 1/2 hr for unexpected delays on your way here. But we do enforce a 24 hr Cancellation Policy and none-refundable pre-paid reservations for clients who missed their first appointment.

FAR Infrared Sauna


Ionizing Detox Foot Bath with Reflexology


FAR Infra Red Sauna Cleanse

Who’s side are you on?

– Diet Dictators and Health Marshalls? Oops, wrong blog!

– Fast Weightloss to fit the outfit you like? Oops, wrong body!

– Laid-back, easy going Cleanse? You are on the right path to the Be and Be WELL in the Santa Cruz Mountains…

Here are effective and economical ways to initiate a mass EXODUS of TOXINS in your body, leaving YOU feeling WELL

  • Cleansing by going on a liquid diet for a few days;
  • Cleansing by drinking lemon water with honey and cayenne;
  • Cleansing by going to bed after sunset and sleep till sunrise;
  • Cleansing by doing an old fashioned colon cleanse….

AND….Taking the Eeezy Way in:

  • Cleansing by using the FAR Infra Red Sauna!

It is so easy, you can do it in your sleep, just like the client in this picture is doing it:

Cleansing: You can do it in your sleep!

Yet, when you wake up, you feel refreshed and relaxed, your skin is soft and the shower feels really good, washing away the sweat and the toxins. And you just melted some fat away the easy way! This is Cleansing the Easy way! Your joints feel lubricated, your muscles feel flexible! Bonus: No underarm odor! The sauna did the job, it killed the unwelcome bacteria!


But there is more to it, so let’s listen to one of the Cleansing Program experts:

Here are my eXperiences with the FARInfra Red Sauna Detoxification:

It has helped me personally with: Addictions, Cravings, Weight Management, Cellulite, Immunization against the Colds and the Flu, Fatigue, Muscle Aches, Meditation, Relaxation, Skin Purification and Rebuilding of Elasticity.

Or does your body suffer from:
Alcohol use Antibiotics Addiction, Arthritis, Birth control pills, Bloating, Brain- fog, Chronic fatigue, Constipation,

Excess Fat,


Junk food
Lack of exercise
Lack of sunshine
Loss of libido
Mercury fillings
No energy
Sleeping pills
Smoking, Varicose Veins
Stress and Anxiety, Tap water, Teflon, Turmoil, Toxemia, Toxic relationships period, Urinary troubles, Unrest etc.

…. all good reasons to transform the body from a toxic time bomb into the tool we need to reach our destination in a timely manner. So many people don’t find the time to cleanse, until an untimely illness finds them, clearing their schedule with bed rest!

If I start this junk food now, how am I going to look in 50 years?

The body is an amazing regenerative machine! It can heal it self from the most adverse conditions! If we give it the time of the day and a good sleep at night, it repays us by working twice as WELL allowing us to accomplish our business twice as fast!

You are what you eat, Starshine!

Get the BEST Nutrition for your Mission:

I, personally, like to take it easy with Dieting and just go live in order to feel a LIVE! I never count calories! I just go on a cleanse that makes me feel more alive and then naturally, I feel more attracted to live food, like fruits and salads and raw nuts and homemade juices, etc…. yumm!

But here is an other easy way to detox:

The IONizing Foot Bath:

Gimmick or Proven Scientific Process? (Click for Q&A)

Let your feet tell the truth!

This is  definitely not the type of toxic soup you want in your body! But no  worry, it’s better out then in:

This Cleansing Process is designed to  draw out congestion from joints, lymph-  system and connective tissue with an  ionic exchange. The ionizer in your foot  bath is emitting negative ions, thus  attracting positively charged ions from  your feet through the pores. The  positively charged ions carry cellular  debris that discharges into the water,  coagulating in various density and  colors. Thus the “Soup”! After a 30-60  minute treatment your feet are going to  feel much lighter for it.

Does it REALLY work? Yes, I bought one 4 years ago and its worth every $ in my eXperience! And my husband loves it too! Watch him smile here and click on his “SOUP”

Just try it out at the Be and Be WELL: It’s affordable and effective! And, while you are taking the nastiest out,  put something nice back in, like:

  • A one hour treatment with Ionizing Footbath and Reflexology ($ 70)
  • A 90 minute Herbal Cellulite Wrap combo of Pampering + Health + Relaxation, including Stress Reduction, Foot Reflexology and Consultation on Weight Management ($108)
  • A Day of Transformation with Infra Red Sauna, Flotation, Ionizing Foot Bath Detox and Reflexology, Aroma Therapy Facial,  BodyWrap ($285)
  • A WELLness Weekend Immersive at the B&B, with overnite stay and wholesome breakfast, lunch and dinner… includes 1 hr of Infra Red Sauna Cleanse, 1hr of Sensory Deprivation in the Flotation Tank with saturated Epsom Salt Solution, 1 hr of Sensory eXaltation in the Sacred Space Pod with Light and Sound Brainwave Therapy and 2hrs of Life Coaching with the Metabolic WELLness Wheel. ($480/pers.)


The 41 Day Inhome Cleanse for Head to Toe Transformation

The Physical WELLness eXperience

Receive a weekly one hour Infra Red Sauna Detox Treatment with Ionizing Footbath and Reflexology (Value of 6 treatments $425)

Reset your compass to your True North. Re-frame your Thoughts. Navigate your Belief system! Meet up with your Blue print! Embrace your Gene-I-us and redefine your life with your Treasure Map and Life-Mapping! (Value of 2hrs of individual Life Coaching, $188)

The Spiritual WELLness eXperience

Enjoy your self inquiry and go for an all night Vision Quest Float (from 9pm-9am) in our Pathfinder Flotation Tank, the best place on earth to be with your self and your SELF! (Value for an overnight stay with Breakfast $188)

We want Transformation to be affordable and long lasting at the Be and Be WELL! So why not go all the way with your wellness eXperience?  X marks the spot for a place that makes being well fun and easy! You are invited to be our guest here at the B&B and live and learn a healthier lifestyle in our wellness community with all the support you need! You’ll love

The 41 Day ReBoot Program at the Be and Be WELL!

Team Work makes the Dream WORK! We will gladly join you in your Detox with informative shopping excursions to our nearby health-food stores and farmers markets, cooking and eating healthy together, meditating and taking sunrise walks, giving you all the life-coaching you need to make your transformation last!

This is not just another “retreat,” this is the ReBoot you have been waiting for!

For more information on our choice rooms and pricing click

….and now for more FUN in your LIFE:

Xperience The GAME!

The Best Play of your Life is YOUR PLAY!

eXperience The GAME in a Trialogue with your self and your SELF

Try a Mental Cleanse and move out of the monologue in your head twirling round and round with no results…Enter the communication space of your heart where the Light of your Highest Potential plays out in a ‘Trialogue’ between Free Association, intuition and the “Law of Attraction in Action” leading to new in-sights!

eXperience The GAME as a Relationship Building Tool

Aah, the games we play! Its nice to meet somebody new and even nicer to get married or be married …But how do you get to really know that person? Are you ready to play by the rules of “The Other”? A good relationship doesn’t have to compromise your authenticity when you learn the art of effective agreements!

eXperience The GAME  as a Collaboration Tool

“Norming and Storming” is an unpleasant but accepted posturing that occurs in the team building process of a competitative business model…”GAMEStorming™” is your ‘HR-Coach in a Box’ that makes the paradigm shift to collaboration fun and supports the building of “vision teams”!

eXperience The GAME as a Conflict Resolution Tool

Stuck in a rut arguing who is right or wrong?… Allow your partner(s) or family member(s) to meet you in “Deep Dialogue” and let them see things through different colored glasses, with the help of calling cards: Evocative LifeCircle images, Words of Wisdom & Warning Sign, ‘Challenges’, Communication Tools & Power Words open up new conversations!

eXperience The GAME as a Metabolic WELLness Wheel

The road to wellness is plastered with good intentions…But are you falling of the wagon all too often and don’t seem to have will power, time and energy to get back up? Play it differently this time  and try an approach that brings ALL Areas of your Life into perfect alignment with ease and success!

eXperience The GAME as a Life Map

Time for that Reality Check-up? Who are you? What is your Soul Purpose? You wonder…? Your “Vision Quest” starts with ‘Life-Mapping’ through four Awareness Portals, from Birth-point through full Self- expression, Transformation and Re-birth into Manifestation of your Mission on the Life Board!

GAME Session Prices

“>Jai & Shanti are looking forward to eXperience The GAME with you! Please call (408) 691 7188 for your appointment with the Best Play of your Life or e-mail

Over~whelmed and under~appreciated?

Life is a GAME you can win when you have a good map!

Improve the following skill sets with “Life Treasure Mapping”:

Leave Believe for In-Tuition;

Replace Competition with Come-Unity;

Change Mind chatter to Meaning-Full Conversation;

Abort non sustaining Systems and Synergize Synchronicity;

Quit just making a Living and find a Giving with the ‘Life Treasure Map’ !

It took over 30 years of production and implementation and the creativity and insight of over a 1000 people to put together this Life Coaching Toole. It is a mirror reflection for the relationship between intention and manifestation. Through challenges and relates each player is able to gain In-Sight into their subconscious and feed it back into conscious action.

To eXperience The GAME is to play and WIN because the The Treasure is YOU!

Do you remember how you loved to learn when you were a kid because you were curious?

That was before you were forced to learn….in school! WELL, click your Ruby Shoes 3 times, and go back to Oz and a time when you were in Awe about all the wonders life had in stall for you! Allow your Self to be curious to learn a new thing or two. Risk being creative, effective and irresistibly FUN! And get to know the people you live and work with! Arrange your own group GAME:

Be and Be WELL and its blog sites are designed to create a collective wisdom pool, sourcing ancient and futuristic attempts of hue-men and womb-men to be well, to stay well and to get others well. It is a standing invitation to add YOUR WELLness eXperience(Click for Disclaimer)

Please choose your words WELL and let them be an invocation for evolutionary WELLness Ideas in your life and the lives of those who inspire you!

9 Responses to “Sauna and Cleanses”

  1. I am halfway through my detox with my morning infrared sauna sessions. I am feeling light and clean. I knew that I’d lost weight because my pants were so loose. I weighed myself yesterday and saw that I’ve lost 9 lbs. My skin pores feel squeaky-clean and my whole being is one big breath when I breathe deeply. I can literally feel my pores breathing.

    Shanti is a most amazing, hospitable, caring, loving hostess. She’s so alive and positive, and makes me feel as if she’s there just to make me feel good, always saying the one word or sentence that keeps me on track for my own well-being…..which translates into well-being for everyone with whom I come into contact, including my family. I see that she treats everyone that way. Her sweet demeanor is precious. She is a great role-model for good relationships and I look forward to learning more from her and continuing my cleansing journey.

    Thank you for all you have shared so far!

    • Shanti says:

      Yeah Hodah,
      You are doing so WELL! Thank you for going all the way and cleansing on all levels! You are making our world a better place, one cleanse at a time…
      It is an honor to be with you on your journey to your WELL!

  2. Shanti and I meet in the sauna every morning. Sometimes we go for a sunrise walk to the top of the neighboring hill, sometimes we do Agnihotra, a vedic chant to the sunrise on our porch, burning rosemary that we dry in the sauna. This is a great ‘sattvic’ way to start one’s day.

    Another practice that I find very cleansing is to drin 3 glasses of rom temperature water as soon as I get up. In Ayurveda, this is like ‘watering a plant’ in the morning. The whole body feels refreshed, and has a store of water to begin the day with.

    I really appreciate Shanti’s deep well of knowledge about the human body and spirit.

  3. Shanti says:

    Thank you for the compliment? Please feel free to send a testimonial about getminorityscholarships in the Career WELLness Blog!

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