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… WELLcome to Home-o-Stasis,

… Balance from withIn…

… Inner space, the final frontier…

… With nowhere to go…  … Its all Now … Here …

… So slow down and get un-done…

… Transcending Mind, your true Genius occurs…

 … reGeneration  happens naturally…

This is WELLness Activation at the Be and Be WELL:


Choose to stay in the Be and Be WELL for as long as you need to be here for your vacation from a toxic world… Our ‘Flotation B&B’ in the pristine Santa Cruz Mountains is a perfect healing environment!
Be it for a short R.E.S.T.  with ‘Reduced Environmental Stress Therapy” in our “Pathfinder Flotation Tank”…. Be it for a WELLness Weekend or  LifeStyle Coaching …. 
 What would Be YOUR perfect WELLness eXperience in the Be and Be WELL?

Choose your transformative eXperience

            •  eXperience Floating in The Zone Traditional Float Time of 90 min: $88, add $20 for every 1/2 hour beyond
            • eXperience the accumulative healing effect of Flotation and get “The 3 Zone Floats in 12 Days Reboot  Package” paying only for 2 Zone-Floats, 90 min each ($172) Or get an open ended  Zone-Floats Package of 5″ and receive the 6th one for FREE ($440)
            • eXperience the “All Night Vision Quest Float” in the “Womb Room” ($188 for 1 Person, $288 for Two)

The Float Zone Options

          • eXperience The GAME – Intuition Coaching with a communication tool that brings people together on deeper levels of connection …. a mirror reflection of life that works with the Law of Attraction in Action! ($95  for 1 Hour)

GAME Session Prices

FAR Infra Red Sauna Cleanse

          • eXperience Biodynamic Bodywork Massage ($95 for 1 Hr)

Massage Therapies


Holy Day Package SPECIAL: Flotation, Sensory eXaltation, Sauna, Foot Reflexology with Ionizer ($198 for 4 hrs)


  • Customized Packages:

other price options


More Information:

  • The Womb Room with Flotation Tank for total R.E.S.T. for the All Night Vision & Manifestation Quest in the “Worlds best Water Bed.” For one person at a time but two people can share in two floating shifts ($188/Night for One, $288/Night for Two) 
  • The “WELLness Weekend Package”  in our  ‘Flotation B&B’  includes one hour of each: FAR Infra Red Sauna Cleanse, Ionizing Foot-Detox Bath with Reflexology, LifeStyle Coaching with the Metabolic WELLness Wheel, Sensory I-Soulation in the Flotation Tank, Sensory eXaltation in the Sacred Space Pod with Light and Sound Brainwave Therapy (All inclusive $488 for One and $788 for Two) 
  • eXperience Vision Team Building, using our creativity enhancing environment for a group-event: Make your brake through with the creators of GAMEStorming and leave the old fashioned brain storming in the office. Jai & Shanti Hudes developed this powerful and engaging process over many years of experience with CEOs and team building. GAMEStorming™ This Retreats a communication training that offers organizations a more holistic approach of management, with the effect of transforming the workplace into a creative space for team-support and productivity
  • eXperience anINternship for LifeStyle Coaching with Flotation, Meditation, GAMEfication, Vision & Manifestation Quest and Nutrition for your Mission… choose from our full spectrum wellness services to learn how to Be your own LifeStyle Coach

From the Be and Be WELL you can walk to the Quail Hollow Nature Preserves at Sunrise:

Quail Hollow Pond

Or you can feel on top of your world when you greet the sun on the mountain:

…. Or go

inside, where it is warm and cozy in the Infra Red Sauna….

…. or meditate with the TALL Teachers in the Henry Cowell Park….

…. or enjoy the life of R.E.S.T. in a hammock under the oak tree, or in the meditation room with fireplace or in the Space-Time Capsule, our new dry-float addition for Sensory Exaltation with Light and Sound Brainwave Therapy:

Call Shanti for appointments at  408~691~7188 or book a room directly with the accredited airbnb at

Please, allow for breathing room of 1/2 hr for unexpected delays on your way here. But we do enforce a 24 hr Cancellation Policy and none-refundable pre-paid reservations for the clients who missed their first appointment.


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