Sensory eXaltation

The Sensory eXaltation Tank was introduced for the first time in Sacred Spaces of Burning Man 2011 for Rites of Passage.  Now it is set up in the beautiful BEhicle” in the Be and Be WELL for a deLightful Rites of Passage in the peace and quiet of Ben Lomond….

It is a flotation tank with cushy memory foam padding instead of water; and Light and Sound Brainwave Therapy instead of sensory deprivation.  We sometimes like to call it a “Brain-Bath” or Mind State Optimizer
You have to eXperience it to know it:

Sensory eXaltation

If sensory deprivation is not for you but you feel like your brain need regeneration, try Sensory eXaltation leading to Higher Consciousness!

Sensory Exaltation Pod at Burning Man

We offer a special discount for couples and friends who come together: The Tandem for Two Combo!

Buy two floats in the Sensory Deprivation Tank and get your Sensory eXaltation for FREE :-):-)


Click here to understand how your brain works and Consciousness arises in Sensory eXaltation by Antonio Damasio

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  1. Hi Jai & Shanti,

    The Sensory Exaltation Experience seems quite lovely. I will check my Calendar re my availability, and get back with you about July 3rd.

    Much love,

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