What the Heaven is a Flotation Tank?

It is a Reduced Environmental Stress Tank, aka “Sensory Deprivation Tank….”

It offers stress reduction for body, mind & soul, void of gravity, pressure and light….”

It feels like free floating energy and bliss in the saturated Epsom Salt Float-Solution….

It helps you to eXperience the R.E.S.T. you need!

…and yes, put your mind at REST…. although open to the public, our flotation tank is a hygienically and hypo-allergenically clean space with a state of the art filtration system! While the high saturation of Epsom salt makes the tank water very sterile, we add a handful more layers of hygiene to ensure happy floating in each and every session:

  • Every ounce of water is automatically cycled through a classic cartridge filter with UV light purification after every float and also every 90 minutes in between sessions.
  • We manually ad Hydrogen Peroxide to the water after every float session instead of putting our health at risk with chlorine, bromine or ozone.
  • We run our industrial Ozone Generator after hours and behind closed doors for 60 minutes, to ensure the prevention of mold build-up, airing out the float room before opening hours.
  • We use an air spray with Vital Oxide and Essential Oils to eliminate any air-born viruses and bacteria before you enter the float tank.
  • And last, but not least: Upon your arrival, you, my friend, take a nice long shower and shampoo hair and body before you enter this sacred space :-)


What is Flotation?

For us in the ‘WELL’  it is a LifeStyle! We are eXploring inner space in Sensory Deprivation for over 30 years now and haven’t found the end yet! So we created a ‘Flotation B&B’ for people to join us in the search for the Final Frontier….

Our Flotation Center is not your run of the mill tank-matrix where clients clock in for an hour to escape the hustle and bustle of the world….We are about the whole eXperience of TransFormation with long lasting side effects of heightened  Consciousness!

Flotation has been offered since 1955  in Hypnotherapy Centers, Brain Research Institutes, Hospitals and Wellness Spas through out the world! Researchers have found that FLOATING in high concentrations of Epsom Salt solution helps pain management, inflammation & swelling, hypertension, stress, fatigue & jetlag and access to parts of the brain involved with higher consciousness.


The Seven Theories of Floating by Michael Hutchison

FLOTATION and the NATURE of CHANGE by Walt Jessen Phd

Zen of Floating part 1 and 2 in The Last Word by Seth Stevenson

Why people are afraid to go into a Sensory Deprivation Tank

Flotation-Journey to inner space – the Final Frontier:

Introductory Float for 60 min: $68

Traditional Float Time 90 min: $88

Extended Float Time 120 min: $108 

Personal Reboot Package: Float 3x in 12 Days and pay 2x only! (goes for all float times)

Share the Gift Package: Get 5 Floats with a 6th one for FREE and use it at your discretion, as a gift for someone else … or your Self!  


All Night Vision Quest Float from 9 pm – 9 am: $188 ($288 for Two)

The benefits of flotation are accumulative, so take advantage of our great package price: Buy a package of 5 x 90 min floats and get the 6th FREE ($440)

The Float Zone Options

Journey in our new invention: The Sensory eXaltation Tank 

Light & Sound Brainwave Activation with Mind State Optimizer for Regeneration and Meditation ($48)

Double the pleasure with a “Tandem Float for Two” for a back to back sessions in the Sensory Deprivation Tank and the Sensory eXaltation Tank : $ 224 (When two people come at the same time we suggest that the “Designated Driver” floats first and then gets used to gravity again as not to “drive under the influence”) 

Take your Rites of Passage for a Vision & Manifestation Quest with Life Mapping Session, Sauna Cleanse and All Night Float in the Sensory Deprivation Tank or the Sensory eXaltation Tank ($188)

Click here for more information about Sensory eXaltation!

Click here for the full trailer to the US Flotation Center Documentary with  Float-Nation

This is what Joe Rogan has to say about his eXperiences with Flotation: It’s f…….amazing!


In the Womb Room

Fulfilling your need to renew yourself

Lowering stress of information overload

Offsetting weight gain & food addiction

Augmenting your ability to focus

Tenderizing your sore and achy muscles

Increasing your stamina and endurance

Nixing fatigue and sleep deprivation

Generating endorphins and melatonin

on and on

Centering your mind on important things

Lowering your stress hormone levels

Offering the worlds best stress reduction

Utilizing your body’s gift to regenerate

Doing wonders for your productivity

9 times better than the best beauty sleep!


All our appointments can be made by phone (408) 691 7188. For our Flotation B&B you can also book through Airbnb at  https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/279037

Please allow for breathing room of 1/2 hr for unexpected delays on your way here….enjoy the ride! We do enforce a 24 hr Cancellation Policy though and  offer none-refundable pre-paid reservations for clients who missed their first appointment.

INternships for LifeStyle Coaching and Flotation Guides are available NOW! For more information click on https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/164951

Finding places to float while traveling  World Wide or in the USA  go to http://where-to-float.com 


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  2. […] our Pathfinder Tank that leads to yet uncharted territories of the human consciousness (see http://www.beandbewell.com/flotation/ […]

  3. […] our Pathfinder Tank that leads to yet uncharted territories of the human consciousness (see http://www.beandbewell.com/flotation/ […]

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  6. […] and not only use the standard John C. Lilly isolation tank but also a Sensory Exaltation from Be and Be Well based out of Shanti & Jai’s house in Santa Cruz, California. If you went to Burning Man […]

    • Shanti says:

      Flotation Nation just made front page on our website for our Flotation B&B in Ben Lomond, Santa Cruz with their trailer for the up and coming full length US-Flotation Documentary! See “Who’s Thoughts?” at http://youtu.be/6mlYU5h4m4Y
      Who thought that 60+ years of flotation research could be compiled in 43 seconds!
      These kids did it!
      “Who’s Thoughts?” That’s the key question to a million of answers about consciousness raising states in the “Think Tank!”
      Tanks for the good work making consciousness more accessible and easier to find at Flotation Nation! (YouTube link to Float Documentary Trailer with other Flotation Centers in the USA

  7. Dee says:

    My experience in the B&B in Ben Lomond was so surreal and definitely much more than I expected. Shanti and J exude light and if you are open, they will teach you. I am grateful to have discovered these beautiful people and their lifestyle. I will be back…it was my 4th float…and the first to take me into the deepest meditation state I have experienced yet. Wonderful. :)

    • Shanti says:

      Thank you for your beautiful testimonial, Dee!
      We love it when our floating guests take to meditation and experience new parts of themselves :-)))))))))
      With love and deLight
      Shanti & Jai

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