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WELLcome to the Be and Be WELL!

Wondrous wanderer of the internet, are you seeking for that magic sauce to up your life on all levels? 

We got it!

You can float in it!

It’s 1000 lbs of Epsom salt saturated water in a Sensory Isolation Tank with zero gravity and no limits to reboot your mind & body… it is the magic sauce that boosts the effectiveness of all tools of transformation in the WELL!

What do you want from life?

We can help you to set your intention and get to your manifestation, coaching you one float at a time, if you choose! 

We are here to inspire and demonstrate healthy relationships on personal, interpersonal and global levels

~ Flotation in the Sensory Deprivation Tank with saturated Epsom salt solution
~ Sensory eXaltation in the Dry-Float Tank with Light & Sound Brainwave Therapy  and ‘Tandem for Two’ discounts (Sensory Deprivation & eXaltation Combo for couples and friends)
~ Far Infra Red Sauna and ionizing Foot Detox with Reflexology

~ Holy Day Package Special for 4 hour celestial combo of Flotation, Sensory eXaltation, FAR infra red Sauna, Ionizing Foot Detox & Reflexology
~ Wholistic Wellness Coaching 

Biodynamic BodyWork & Massage 
~ Life Coaching Training

Couple Resonance Sessions

~ Float and Be Well Weekends  and 40 Day Renewal with Vision & Manifestation Quest


We have something for every body who is looking for a WELL of wonderful wellness tools!


Google Map: 301 Kessler Drive, Ben Lomond CA 95005

Opening Hours: 9am to 9pm, 7 Days

By appointment only, please call Shanti at 408-691-7188

More Information: beandbewell@gmail.com

Giftcertificates: Click Here

Looking forward to see you in Inner Space!

Contact us and Be WELL…

Floating at the Be and Be WELL of Ben Lomond offers Mini-Vacations from Stress for Maxi-Benefits

Float in our state of the art Pathfinder Tank for an hour for total R.E.S.T. or for a transformational weekend with the All Night Vision Quest Floats in the pristine Santa Cruz Mountains at 301 Kessler Drive, Ben Lomond. CA 95005

Contact Shanti Prema at 408-691-7188 or e-mail beandbewell@gmail.com  


You can treat yourself to sunset dinner in the near by Henry Cowell Redwoods or walk to the Quail Hollow Nature Preserves at sunrise. Enjoy the life of R.E.S.T. continue to float in a hammock under the oak tree, or in the meditation room with fireplace, or with a personal wellness program for holistic pampering with weight management & infra-red sauna detox and life mapping.


Quail Hollow Nature Preserves at Sunrise

Xperience The GAME, an intuitive Trialogue



GAMEstorm Side2-Xflyer-v2 web

ErlebniSpiel fuer neue Anfänge

Wie erlebst du dich im neuen Jahr:

Wer bist du?

Was gibst du?

Wie nimmst du?

Wo stehst du und

Wohin gehst du?

Going into the Winter Cave

Möchtest du lieber als Höhlenbewohner überwintern?

Oder möchtest du mehr aus dir herauskommen?

Deinen Horizont erweitern durch Erfahrungsaustausch?

Im lebendigem Miteinander… Wie kommst du an?

Was spürst du im Erlebnis mit dem Andern?

Das ErlebniSpiel ist ein multidimensionales Kommunikationsmittel, ~ ein intuitiver Gesprächsleiter in der Auseinandersetzung mit dir, Freunden, Partner, Familie, Gemeinschaftskreisen…


Spielerisch einfach lernst du übers Wochenende einen Lebenskompass zu benutzen, der dir fürs kommende Jahr als Gesprächshilfe dienen kann.

Kursleitung: Barbara Ocusono und Shanti Hudes

Wann?    7. Januar, Samstag 17.00 – 21.00 Uhr

Wo?         Spitalgasse 11, 8400 Winterthur

Wieviel?  Fr 50.-

Verpflegung:  Regenbogen PotLuck (Sa/So) jede/r bringt was …                                                                              


Going into the Winter Cave

The tree sap goes down to the roots and the leaves fall off…

The groundhog goes back to the burrow for winter’s sleep…

The bear goes in a cave to feed on his own fat and take very long naps…

The humans? WELL – they have a choice to burn the midnight light on the computer – or go for a Xmas shopping frenzy – or get a cold to get the needed rest – or  flow with their inner nature and find a good space to relax and recuperate!
Personally I’m happy to be human and humane with my self by spending more time within Flow, our Sensory Deprivation Tank. I invite you to do the same and Be WELL! And when you get it, the benefits of flowing with Mother Nature – give it! Give it to your family members and friends and anyone thinking that you’re wasting your time doing nothing. Let them eXperience what it means to become un-done … so more can be done when the time comes to get the juices flowing again!

click: Our Xmas shopping is easy to navigate
You can pay by Credit Card or PayPal and you are done making another person happy!

Going into the Winter Cave web


If you’re wondering about the different gift options:

  • Trial Float for the timid @ heart ($68/1 hr)
  • Zone Float to zone out ($88/90 min)
  • Tune-up Float to reboot ($108/2 hrs)
  • Infusion Float & Sauna combo ($118)
  • All Night Vision Quest Float (9pm-9am $188)
  • Deep Dive Float with GAME eXperience $288/night
  • Holy Day Pgk: Zone Float, Sauna, Reflexology, MindState Optimizer ($198/4 hrs)
  • GAMEstorming for individual LifePath Coaching, Couple Resonance or Vision Team Building ($88/hr)

With Love and deLight

Shanti and Jai
(408) 691-7188

GAMEstorm instead of brain storming

GAMEstorm Side2-Xflyer-v2 webGAMEstorm Side1-Xflyer-v3

Jai and Shanti are Giving Thanks

Have a happy Thanksgiving, friends of the WELL!

Thank you for pioneering inner space with Flotation and Sensory eXaltation! Continue to be and Be WELL!

With Love and deLight

Jai & Shanti

Happy ThanksGiving