Going into the Winter Cave

The tree sap goes down to the roots and the leaves fall off…

The groundhog goes back to the burrow for winter’s sleep…

The bear goes in a cave to feed on his own fat and take very long naps…

The humans? WELL – they have a choice to burn the midnight light on the computer – or go for a Xmas shopping frenzy – or get a cold to get the needed rest – or  flow with their inner nature and find a good space to relax and recuperate!
Personally I’m happy to be human and humane with my self by spending more time within Flow, our Sensory Deprivation Tank. I invite you to do the same and Be WELL! And when you get it, the benefits of flowing with Mother Nature – give it! Give it to your family members and friends and anyone thinking that you’re wasting your time doing nothing. Let them eXperience what it means to become un-done … so more can be done when the time comes to get the juices flowing again!

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If you’re wondering about the different gift options:

  • Trial Float for the timid @ heart ($68/1 hr)
  • Zone Float to zone out ($88/90 min)
  • Tune-up Float to reboot ($108/2 hrs)
  • Infusion Float & Sauna combo ($118)
  • All Night Vision Quest Float (9pm-9am $188)
  • Deep Dive Float with GAME eXperience $288/night
  • Holy Day Pgk: Zone Float, Sauna, Reflexology, MindState Optimizer ($198/4 hrs)
  • GAMEstorming for individual LifePath Coaching, Couple Resonance or Vision Team Building ($88/hr)

With Love and deLight

Shanti and Jai
(408) 691-7188

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