Journey-ling after Floating



“I get in the rhythm of writing best after I float. I get way more creative.

I never limit myself when I write things down. When I journal my thoughts, visions and ideas after I float the magic continues to flow.

Beautiful download that is there for my choosing. Floating helps the Brain Fog go away.

Journaling helps me organize my thoughts, ideas, visions and gets them in the natural flow. Keeps everything flowing.

Springs my brain into action. It keeps me in the zone. Writing things down forces me to look deeper.”

And here is what JOE ROGAN has to say about Flotation & Journey-ling in his Video:
The Sensory Deprivation Tank

…. and in his Podcast:
“Write down what the fuck you want and then go after it!” JOE ROGAN
“Write shit down, write down what the fuck you need to do!”
“Write it down, so you do it!” “Monitor what the fuck your doing!”
“Get a pad and it can change your life.” JOE ROGAN

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