~ it’s an altar where God resides within you ~

 Namaste dear Seeker, we greet the Divinity within you, who ever you may be now ~ 

Never mind where you’re from ~ and where you’re going ~ there is no place like hOMe ~

Homeostasis ~ the balance from within ~ is awaiting you here with sure certainty ~

Your Spaceship Earth is waiting for you at Be and Be WELL







Follow your true North Star ~ what ever you are ~ in the never ending sacred space of NOW ~

FLO doesn’t know you by title or creed and has no judgment or pretends indeed ~

Free of expectations and effortless ~ unbound and non denominational ~ beyond belief.


Floating in Sensory Deprivation is a path of Self Awareness leading to Consciousness. People who practice meditation in flotation surrender to the great way of non-duality… unfolding the experience of Oneness with Creation & Creator naturally… as a reality.

FLO is our Flotation Tank that has been serving humans on all walks of life for a decade.

FLOaTemple is going to be a donation based, nondenominational organization, created in the spirit of the Essene Gospel of Peace in Revelations:

God speaking to (Wo)Man:

I speak to you

Be still


I am



 We are privileged to dedicate the FLOaTEMPLE to all humans needing stillness and R.E.S.T. (Reduced Environmental Stress Tank).

FLOaTEMPLE is a DBA of the “Be and Be WELL” and has been founded to serve men and women who are working too hard making a living for too little money to make it a livelihood:

The underprivileged in the service industry, the over stressed in the military, the underpaid in our education system etc … all the people quietly weaving the strands for our Living Web of Life to keep our society going for the high price of their own wellness because they don’t have the funds to take care of them selves and to restore their balance from within. We want them to be able to come back hOMe to the Promised Land of the WELLthy!


FLOaTEMPLE Membership:


  • Basic: Pay for your next float right after your last to keep us in the cash-flow
  • Silver: Tithe 10% extra of your Float Session price to the FLOaTEMPLE, keeping it a float with help for maintenance
  • Golden: Donate your FREE 6th session of your Float Package to Flotation Community Members in financial distress
  • Platinum: Sponsor a Flotation Community Member with a disabling medical condition like Sleep Deprivation, PTSD, Chronic Pain etc. with a $375 Donation for a 6pack of 90min floats
  • WELLthy: Sustaining the WELL with 1000lbs of Epsom Salt for the price of $899 so we can replace the tank water more frequently with the increase of float sessions.
  • inLightened: Give your time and energy for free to help out with client management, clean up, maintenance, book keeping, ground keeping of house and garden etc.

Still with us?

Here are YOUR Membership Benefits:


  • All Donations are Tax Deductible
  • You get to float more often: We will tithe 10% of your donation back to you in the currency of float session
  • You receive a weekly “Pearl from the Deep” from a sponsored FLOaTEMPLE member in form of a progress report, word of wisdom, youtube video or beautiful picture
  • You and your livelihood will be honored in our Flotation Community blog with http://where-to-float.com/be-and-be-well
  • You get to be one of the first ones to receive our Flotation eXperience e-Book that we are compiling presently
  • You can make a big difference in somebody else’s quality of

Still with us? Tell us what you think about the FLOaTEMPLE and leave a reply on this  blog please.

How the FLOaTEMPLE came into Being

It was in the evening of July 8th 2013, the Chinese Year of the Water Snake and a New Moon. The quiet darkness of the night held the promise of a piece of PEACE for me with an all night Vision Quest Float in the Be and Be WELL. It had been a long day of a long week, ever so busy with a long stream of clients coming through, bringing their weariness to Flo with great hopes of relieve….and requiring some Lifestyle Coaching to take home some long lasting benefits from their visit in the WELL… Because we are here to make a difference, not just putting clients in the tank! For us in the Be and Be WELL, Flotation is a “Rites of Passage” attracting people who are ready and set for true transformation.

NOW it was my turn!

Then the phone call came: A man with the name “Jesus” wanted to book a late night float. How could I say “No” to “Jesus?”

It ended up that he didn’t get much out of his flotation session. He said that he twitched a lot and couldn’t relax. My first reaction was to say: “Oh well, flotation is not for every body.”

My second reaction was to sit still and wait to see if he had any more questions. He didn’t.

My third reaction was to answer them any way and talk about the reptile brain, the reactive mind…. and how difficult it can become to switch it off when it is overtaxed with stress and that it might take another float in a few days for his brain & body to get the point.

To my surprise he said: “I know, I need to come back. I can’t sleep anymore. But I don’t get paid again until 2 weeks have passed, so I have to wait.”

Now he had my 108% attention (100% of what I could give and 8% of that extra MoJo we get when God gives!)

We spoke for another hour about his sleep deprivation and the enormous stress of holding down two jobs (one as grave yard shift) to make a living that would support his beautiful pregnant wife as a stay home mom for his child! He doesn’t  have the education to get a better paying job and tried to go back to school on top of it but failed the tests because he could not stay awake! He also had lost his appetite… and his will to nourish himself with nutritional supplements to keep him self going. And he could not remember when it was the last time that he took a walk in the park or sat in the sun. All he could think of at 9 am in the morning was going home to rest after his grave yard shift so he would be able to go to work again at 4 pm… 6 day a week and laying around on the 7th, too tired to move…


I gave him a free float so he could come back on his next day off, as long as he would pay for his third one when he got paid. Wouldn’t you?

But more then that, I postponed my own R.E.S.T. and sat for a long time writing what you are reading here: The foundation for our FLOaTemple, dedicated to Jesus, the son of (wo)man and all Seekers of R.E.S.T. like him! Wouldn’t you do it if you could?

WELL, you can! By helping to build a foundation for those who lost theirs in the work-mill! You can “Pay it Forward”, one float at a time! Why wouldn’t you, knowing that this could be a simple way to make the world a better place?



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