WELLcome to the Be and Be WELL!

Wondrous wanderer of the internet, are you seeking for that magic sauce to up your life on all levels? 

We got it!

You can float in it!

It’s 1000 lbs of Epsom salt saturated water in a Sensory Isolation Tank with zero gravity and no limits to reboot your mind & body… it is the magic sauce that boosts the effectiveness of all tools of transformation in the WELL!

What do you want from life?

We can help you to set your intention and get to your manifestation, coaching you one float at a time, if you choose! 

We are here to inspire and demonstrate healthy relationships on personal, interpersonal and global levels

~ Flotation in the Sensory Deprivation Tank with saturated Epsom salt solution
~ Sensory eXaltation in the Dry-Float Tank with Light & Sound Brainwave Therapy  and ‘Tandem for Two’ discounts (Sensory Deprivation & eXaltation Combo for couples and friends)
~ Far Infra Red Sauna and ionizing Foot Detox with Reflexology

~ Holy Day Package Special for 4 hour celestial combo of Flotation, Sensory eXaltation, FAR infra red Sauna, Ionizing Foot Detox & Reflexology
~ Wholistic Wellness Coaching 

Biodynamic BodyWork & Massage 
~ Life Coaching Training

Couple Resonance Sessions

~ Float and Be Well Weekends  and 40 Day Renewal with Vision & Manifestation Quest


We have something for every body who is looking for a WELL of wonderful wellness tools!


Google Map: 301 Kessler Drive, Ben Lomond CA 95005

Opening Hours: 9am to 9pm, 7 Days

By appointment only, please call Shanti at 408-691-7188

More Information: beandbewell@gmail.com

Giftcertificates: Click Here

Looking forward to see you in Inner Space!

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